Managing in a cross cultural environment essay

Through incorporating training programs or holding cultural orientations between employees Monsieur Liataud can help to create and build mutual understanding in regard to the cultural identities existing in the company.

Motorolla managing cross-cultural interface in China

External diversity is also important as it dictates the manner in which the outside community perceives the organization and the employees. The organization also needs to come up with constituent capitalized workforce by making sure that mutual trust and respect is established among employees, customers, as well as stakeholders.

Managing Across Cultures Research Marketing Essay

In most of the western cultures, communication is largely direct and explicit thus the listener is not put to task when seeking to establish the meaning of particular information. The information-based organization will require more specialist as compared to the traditional organization. It states that active listening and understanding other peoples' perspectives are crucial aspects of successfully managing the surrounding business environment.

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In most cases, in case an employee cannot respect individual differences or continually creates disruptive conflicts within the firm, such an employee is disciplined, transferred or dismissed Moran et al.

In the international business environment expatriate management is vital to the management process. Cross-cultural awareness familiarity with the traditions, customs, national characteristics and their manifestation in everyday life and business Language training Methods for achieving cultural empathy and sensitivity to different cultures Cross-cultural analysis Development of skills that are necessary in cross-cultural communication.

The following methodology of understanding the concept of managing across cultures through the case study of Renault-Nissan is done by us as an organization work created by the team of four customers. It is interesting to note that though the nature of the job does not require a lot of interpersonal interaction such as giving seminars or conducting interviewsthe issue of cultural diversity still poses a problem and almost stands to disrupt productivity if not properly managed.

This is mainly because the case embracing diversity can be made across all realms of human behavior. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Management work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Ethnocentricity here refers to the idea that ones way of handling office tasks is superior to the others'. This is the end phase of the group work. Opportunities The alliance of Renault-Nissan acquired brought an alteration in the efficiency of the working of japan management that have a collective set up of decision making whereas when compared with the French counterparts that includes a inclination towards individualistic way of management, Japan were advanced with solutions hence Renault got the possibility to loan company on the development with good technology as French were good with the tactical management hence it worked well together for the business to co-exist together.

The identical was with the truth of Renault-Nissan. Productivity of such members is hampered when preferential treatment is not accorded by the other team members.

Understanding different worldviews and revealing individual strengths help to find the right allocation of cultural diversity. For organisations that do adapt the strategy of managing differences within the workplace are synergistic organisations.

This encourages people to live and work together even as they seek to arrive at a final goal. Planning was essential to entry of the company onto the Chinese market. When oil was discovered in the nearby area, Herman C. This is a general principle that permeates all the activities of organizations focused on diversity.

The progression towards globalization was noticeable in the motor vehicle industry around the world. Through training employees are accorded cultural competency thus they are able to adapt amicably across cultural boundaries and dispels possible stereotyping likely to hamper the effectiveness of the global market.

An alliance of two global companies with two cultures: Responsible for managing audit teams on extensive local within the US and international projects termed as 'fast-paced and budget-tight', the need to optimize productivity within such a short period becomes a more daunting task.

The team members need possesses cross-cultural knowledge in order to acquire a high performing team. Firstly it is crucial to discuss the dimensions of "individualism vs.

This kind of training is also vital in assisting employees to live and work comfortably with their colleagues that come from other cultures. Problem Statement: Infinite is so far serving the requirements across the cross cultural environments and has the need to manage this rapid globalization and Cross-Cultural Issues within the company for International Projects in order to minimize its adverse effect on the organization.

Chapter 3- Managing in a Global Environment Notes * Today’s companies and managers operate in a borderless world that provides both risks and opportunities * Globalization- Refers to the extent to which trade and investments, information, ideas, and political cooperation flow between countries.

Managing multicultural teams essay. Home \ Free Essay Sample Papers \ to create favorable environment for each team member, so he feel comfortable and could work effectively. Cross-cultural awareness (familiarity with the traditions, customs, national characteristics and their manifestation in everyday life and business).

Cross-Cultural Issues Managing Cultural Diversity to optimize Professional Productivity Introduction to cultural diversity (Aminone Ogbu-Sifo) The first step to managing cross cultural relationships involves creating awareness.

It is important that Monsieur Liataud gauges the ability of his organization to establish an environment where all employees will feel included in the organizations setup regardless of their cultural orientation. Managing multicultural teams essay.

Home \ Free Essay Sample Papers \ to create favorable environment for each team member, so he feel comfortable and could work effectively. Then it is necessary to understand cross-cultural differences, to find common ground and build trust.

This requires the ability to listen, ability to give and to.

Managing in a cross cultural environment essay
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Managing Across Cultures Research Marketing Essay